Rider Riddle (nirejseki) wrote,
Rider Riddle

Bastille Day + ART (at long last)

Happy Bastille Day, everyone!

Have a fun twisting-the-universe Committee of Public Safety picture!

The Committee of Public Safety is always so busy. Even with all these new technological gadgets - up-to-date reports on the behavior of the representatives on mission, intelligence reports coming in every minute, live-action price charts and military screens - even live voice conferencing!

Oh, well, as life gets easier, it also gets harder...

You can also go to http://riderrriddle.deviantart.com/art/Tech-Advancements-of-the-CSP-227066879 and download the larger image to see details. (or see it here: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/195/5/2/tech_advancements_of_the_csp_by_riderrriddle-d3r6txb.jpg)
Tags: art, french revolution
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I guess the wheelchair should've been modernized as well. Steven Hawking's model maybe?
Oh, but that particular model of wheelchair is so associated with Couthon - he invented it. Perhaps it's actually computerized and just has a nice wooden cover to make it blend it with the rest of the furniture...That would explain the weird way the wheels came out...
Woaaah, epic stuff here.

I thought the same about the wheelchair.

And I like how everybody got somehow prettier, even those who aren't supposed to be.
Hee, thanks.

Oh, well. Next time I know better. ^^

...oops? ^__^;; Not intentional, I assure you? A bit younger, yes, but prettier is new...XD
Ooh, love it. It's so shiny~. *_*
That is amazingly detailed. I am impressed. I think maelicia is right about their being prettier than normal though. XD; (Well, most of them, anyway.)