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Down the Rabbit Hole

Rider Riddle
13 November 1988
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Hello! My name's Rider. This is my livejournal, isn't it just lovely? *looks at it* ...No comment.

Ummm...Read the Amber series. You'll probably like it.


The above has been my profile for...several years on this thing, because I'm terrible at writing profiles. I decided I might as well write another one. Well, here it is:

My online username is Rider, you can refer to me as such. I also answer to "hey you" or whatever, just don't use my real name if you know it. Much obliged. For those of you who don't know me, well, friend away. All are welcome.

I post fic here from various fandoms, and occasional drawings. Alas, I am a storyteller, not a writer, but I try - those of you who know me in person are aware of my tendency to tell stories until my throat runs dry and my voice threatens to give out. My memory is terrible, though, so the stories usually vanish. Whatever I'm currently interested in will be posted the most, though older fandoms will sneak in here and there - once I get an obsession, I almost never give it up. Things that will always spark my interest: anything historical, anything mythological, and (this is a very limited section) vampires or other supernatural creatures.

Beware the evil sense of humor. It's almost unforgivably wicked.

My art website has things that are not posted on the journal. Look there for art.